Gym Bronze, Silver, and Gold classes are our Recreational Programs designed for girls and boys ages 6 & up and comprise 3 levels.  All classes are designed to improve the overall fitness level of the athletes while mastering gymnastics skills.  We also introduce putting skills together and if they want to take it further, students can participate in our Annual Recreational Showcase in April/May.  Our philosophy of gymnastics is to teach and encourage correct form and technique while keeping creativity and fun essential to learning!


Floor Tumbling focuses on fundamental skills such as the handstand, cartwheel, and backbend, up to the more difficult skills: Round offs, back handspring, back tucks, aerials, etc. Overall strength and conditioning is a big part of being able to advance in tumbling skills so that is included as well. We work with the students based on where they are at and their goals of skills to learn.

Rising stars

For many of our gymnasts, this is their first-class experience without a parent.
Our primary objectives for this group are following the teacher’s instructions, taking turns, and playing well with others while learning the fundamentals of gymnastics. 3-5 years old.


Our Pre-team program at United Gymnastics Academy is an invite only class for excelled gymnasts ages 4.5 to 8 years old. These gymnasts will have the opportunity to train and compete USAG level 1 and 2 routines at select local meets. For more information please contact Coach Nadia via email at

Stretching class

Flexibility is an important component of gymnastics and we decided to offer a dedicated 40-minute flexibility exercise. A flexible body is less subjected to injuries and a daily gentle stretching routine can make a difference in your life. So you either want to improve your flexibility for tumbling or just begin with a healthy routine, this is the right stretching and flexibility Class for you.

Mommy & Me

Children attend this class along with a parent or caregiver for fun and parent/child bonding. Class time of 30 min is a good opportunity to develop physical awareness, and work on coordination, balance, and listening skills with music and movement exploration.